Volunteering with the School of Education

School of Education

Volunteer Opportunity: Recruiting for the School of Education. Activities may include meeting with high school counselors to raise their awareness of the quality of IUPUI in the field of education.  Volunteers may also be invited to make phone calls to prospective students to create an early personal contact or to speak with students attending Fall Career Week.

Volunteer Opportunity: Mentoring students.  Mentors are needed to serve as career consultants to students, helping them develop skills such as writing a persuasive resume, interviewing effectively, and networking. Mentors from diverse backgrounds and ethnicities are needed to best support our students.

Volunteer Opportunity: Hosting special events such as Honors Convocation, Commencement (May and December), and the Celebration of Teaching event. Having additional, professionally trained volunteers enables many more students to have a more personal experience at large events.

Volunteer Opportunity: Assisting faculty in teaching.  Volunteers with experience in service learning are especially valuable to faculty seeking to add this dimension to existing courses.  Volunteers also assist faculty in other activities such as reviewing and suggesting upgrades to the website, critiquing manuscripts, and editing grant proposals.

Contact: Robin Hughes, PhD. Interim Executive Associate Dean.

Email: robihugh@indiana.edu