Volunteer Opportunities

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Senior Academy Members Find Ways to Connect to IUPUI and the Community through Volunteering 

For most retired people, having new time for leisure activities must also be coupled with finding ways to continue to do meaningful work. Many find that the flexibility and personal rewards of doing volunteer work complement their other pursuits to create just the right balance.  Those who have retired from IUPUI can find volunteer possibilities both within and outside the university through the Senior Academy.

The Senior Academy asked administrators in both academic and service units at IUPUI to list ways in which retired faculty and staff might continue to be involved productively in the work of the university.  The answers ranged from short-term, low-effort jobs such as scanning a website for an academic unit or assisting with registration for an event to more sustained activities such as serving on promotion and tenure committees or mentoring students or faculty.  Click here to see opportunities for volunteering open to our members.

Many Senior Academy members continue to support IUPUI and our community through volunteer work. We share a few examples below.

  • Diane Billings, retired professor of nursing, is one of several Senior Academy members who find that working with children in schools is rewarding.  Many opportunities to work with children in reading programs exist in partnership with United Way of Central Indiana.
  • Bill Bosron, retired professor and dean, has been volunteering with the IUPUI Graduate Office on their event called "Graduate School Bootcamp".  One of the highest rated parts of the event is the "Chat with a Professor" session where a prospective student is in one-on-one conversation with a faculty member in the student's area of interest.  Bill finds this event an excellent way to stay connected with graduate education.
  • Walt Linne, former Assistant Director of Operations for UITS  has stayed in touch with the university as an active member and officer of the Senior Academy.  He worked in the IUPUI Good Friends Reading Program currently run by United Way. Walt has also volunteered for national organizations including the Knights of Columbus and the American World War II Orphans Network (AWON).  He enjoys volunteering as part of giving back to the university and the community.
  • Golam Manan, retired professor of education assisted the School of Education by hosting a visit for educators from Moi University in Kenya.  He accompanied the group for a visit to the Bloomington campus and a Brown County tour.
  • David Stocum, retired Dean of the School of Science, leads the selection committee for the Last Lecture series held each spring and open to the entire campus.  His work involves soliciting and evaluating nominations with fellow committee members.
  • Dr. Randy Strate, retired from the IU School of Medicine, has volunteered in the School's Moi University School of Medicine outreach effort in Kenya.  He has worked with laboratory staff there to upgrade lab services and improve patient care.  Randy comments on his work, "My exposure to the culture of Kenya, the beauty of the country, and the wonderful and friendly people has been of great benefit to me."