Carol Nathan and Bill Plater, two of the founders of the Senior Academy
  • Dean William Plater invited a group of campus professors and deans to serve as members of an ad hoc committee to conduct a survey of emeriti faculty.  The purpose of this survey would be to determine the availability and interest of emeriti faculty in contributing their time on a voluntary or partially remunerated basis to assist with the academic mission of the campus.  He proposed using this as an occasion to solicit information about emeriti faculty’s views of campus developments, their degree of satisfaction with their careers at IUPUI, and their desire for continuing support and involvement with the campus. He felt emeriti faculty represent a potential untapped resource of teaching, research, service, and administration.  First meeting was held on May 8, 1992.
  • There had been discussion for years about the development of an IUPUI organization for retired faculty and staff.  Carol Nathan suggested that such an organization be developed by Mary Jane Koch, Director of the IUPUI Office for Gerontology, based on previous work of an advisory committee to that office.   It was decided that an “Academy” rather than a “College” would be more appropriate for our campus. June 11, 1992

  • Dean Plater and Carol Nathan recommended that the new “Senior Academy” be inaugurated during the IUPUI 25th anniversary celebration.  The purpose of the Academy would be to unite interested emeriti faculty and staff in a common program to utilize their vast experience and educational backgrounds.  January 11, 1993

  • An interest survey requesting feedback regarding an Academy was sent to the Deans, retired faculty and staff.  They were advised that the Academy would be conceived as a means of bringing together retired faculty and staff who share a common interest in utilizing their vast experience and specialized knowledge for the betterment of both the campus and the community.April 13, 1993

  • In a draft of the Statement of Purposes and Interim Plan of Organization for an IUPUI Senior Academy, it was stated that this organization would be dedicated to the mutually compatible goals of encouraging scholarly and creative endeavor among retired faculty and staff and advancing learning on campus and in the community-at-large.  Membership in the Academy would be by request, with the expectation of their active participation in academy-sponsored programs.April, 1993

  • The Senior Academy inauguration was held on September 20, 1993 in the University Place Conference Center, as part of the 1993-94 celebration of the 25th Anniversary of IUPUI.  The following information was presented on a card handed out to attendees.

Who?  Retired faculty and staff who voluntarily continue to make their expertise and experience available for the greater good of IUPUI and its community.

What?  This association serves as an advisory and consultative body, anticipates becoming a resource for on-campus and off-campus activities, and provides a vehicle for obtaining suggestions and opinions from an important campus constituency.

Why?  The IUPUI Senior Academy is an organized response to current and potential interests shared by the campus and its retirees, with emphasis on mutually beneficial uses of scholarly, professional, and personal resources.

Where?  Pending assignment of an office and election of officers, the Office of the Dean of the Faculties (Room 126 in the IUPUI Administration Building) is handling Academy matters.

  • First Board of Directors for the IUPUI Senior Academy:
    • Faculty
      • William Armstrong – Physiology & Biophysics
      • Bernard Friedman – History
      • Elizabeth Grossman – Nursing
      • Elizabeth Solow – Surgery
      • Marshall Yovits – Science
    • Staff
      • David Bonner – Chemistry
      • Alvin Bynum – University Division
      • Virgil Hunt – Registrar
      • William Spencer – Office of Vice President Indianapolis

The first meeting of the IUPUI Senior Academy was on Monday, March 7, 1994 in the Faculty Club at the University Place Conference Center and Hotel.  There was some discussion of who is eligible to join the Senior Academy and it was stated that all faculty and staff retirees are eligible.  An election was held for officers, resulting in the following: 

  • Chairman – Marshall Yovits (faculty) 
  • Vice Chairman – David Bonner (staff) 
  • Secretary/Treasurer – Virgil Hunt (staff) 
  • Corresponding Secretary – Elizabeth Solow (faculty)

It was decided that Chancellor Bepko and Dean Plater would be made ex officio members of the academy.
In a memo responding to Marshall Yovits’ request for additional financial support for the Senior Academy, Dean Plater stated that he would be willing to commit $10,000 to the 1997-98 operating budget if the Academy itself could generate the balance (approximately $8,000).  By 1999-2000, he expected the Academy to be entirely self-supporting through grants, contracts, and gifts. May 31, 1996