The Arthur Mirsky Scholarship Program

The IUPUI Senior Academy sponsors three scholarships for study at the university under the title of the IUPUI Arthur Mirsky Scholarship Program. The scholarship Program was set in motion with a generous donation from a geology professor at IUPUI, Art Mirsky, and his wife. The first three scholarships were given in 2003. Additional funds have been added over the years by gifts from Senior Academy members and others designated to the scholarship fund held by the Indiana University Foundation.

Click here to read the history of the establishment of the scholarships as they resulted from the vision of Arthur Mirsky.

All Academy scholarships are up to $3,000 and currently have annual March 15th application deadlines. The scholarship criteria can be accessed through the links below. Student must apply for these scholarships through the Office of Student Scholarships and adhere to university rules and deadlines with respect to all three scholarships. The scholarship winners are honored, whenever possible, at the Senior Academy Annual Meeting luncheon in early June. Funds are managed by the Indiana University Foundation and distributed through the Office of Student Scholarships. Below are links to the criteria for each of the three scholarships. Each document contains links to the IUPUI Scholarship Office pages. These criteria were revised in November 2018.