2011 George H. Rawls

Dr. George Rawls served as assistant dean of student affairs and clinical professor of surgery for five years at the Indiana University School of Medicine. He is a past president of the Indianapolis and Indiana State Medical Societies and former delegate to the National Medical Association and American Medical Association. Dr. Rawls was awarded an honorary degree by IU in 2001.

Dr. Rawls is the author of several books including Managing Cancer: The African American’s Guide to Prevention, Diagnosis and Treatment (written with Herbert Stern, Ph.D.), The Surgeon's Turn, and Papa, I want to be a Surgeon.

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The website above outlines his career and lists his many awards. It lists and discusses the scholarships established in his name and links to sources for three of his books. His accomplishments are a testament to a life of service to the medical community and to our community at large. He provided and taught the model for how African Americans patients should be diagnosed and treated and how all medical students should be trained.