2009 Robert Einterz

Dr. Robert Einterz presented the Last Lecture in 2009. The 2009 edition of the Senior Sentinel, the newsletter of the IUPUI Senior Academy, published the following article that serves to illustrate the characteristics that made him the Academy’s choice for the recipient of the 2009 Bepko Community Medallion.

“Take good care of your brothers and sisters.” A large audience of eager learners heard lessons in productive living from Dr. Robert M, Einterz, who has turned his medical expertise into a model humanitarian career. It is a textbook for common sense from a man who lives his convictions. He was the first presenter in the Academy’s Last Lecture series that seeks to bring wisdom from the lifetimes of admirable achievers to the community.

Einterz, 53, is a co-founder of the IU-Moi University in Kenya project to help eradicate HIV-AIDS from that country. He also was awarded the Academy’s fourth Bepko Medallion, the highest honor the Senior Academy can bestow on a notable achiever. In keeping with his demonstrated dedication, he contributed the honorarium from the IU Foundation to the Moi project.

The event, held in the IUPUI Conference Center, drew about 400 students, faculty, staff and the community. It was a special addition to IUPUI’s 40th Anniversary year-long celebration. The Last Lecture project was spearheaded by James East, past president of the Academy who died last year, before he could see the result of his leadership.

Among the lessons Einterz taught are: “Take good care of your brothers and sisters” which he has instilled in his children as he puts them to bed each night. And all people are your brothers and sisters.

“Share everything and play fair,” and “slow down and listen: look into your soul.”

“Everyone needs a mentor,” which he demonstrated in teaching his young daughter how to fly a kite.

“Don’t push anything by oneself and don’t trust your own assumptions.”

“Never underestimate your own potential.” It can transform everyone as neighbors, or family members in need.

“Choosing a partner is the most important decision you’ll make.” He said that unconditional love is the only thing that makes sense.

Dr. Einterz was introduced by Dean Craig Brater of the School of Medicine who said Dr. Einterz has been nominated for a Nobel Prize. His service to Wishard Hosptial, his work in Haiti and in Kenya “shows where his heart is” and is a great example of the spirit of altruism.

Click here to read and view Dr. Einterz’s Last Lecture presentation. The video is also available on a DVD at the IUPUI Library